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Find a multitude of opportunities for you to make a difference in the lives of people around the world. Each dollar donated will go directly to the ministry need specified in your selection. Our partners on the field are trusted friends who work diligently in their homelands to share Christ and provide vital services to those in need. Your gift, regardless of amount, DOES make a difference. How it Works


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Backpack for a child

Provide a backpack to a child at the Ruth School in Romania – Project Ruth.


Provide Bibles to be distributed by our partners in the field.

Biblical Resources

Provide Biblical resources for a Roma Pastor in the Gypsy Smith School in Romania.

Child’s Education

Provide tuition, fees, uniform, books, notebooks, etc for a child’s education in Haiti for a month.

Children’s Books

Provide books for children in primary school and for other literacy programs in Romania.

Clothing for a child

Provide clothing or shoes for a child in Haiti for a month.

Dig a well

Provide funds to dig a well in partnership with our partners across Africa.

Donauhof Ministry Center

The Donauhof ministry center in Vienna, Austria, provides critical refugee integration. It has numerous needs for renovation and repair to…

Establish a New Church

Provide funds to purchase Bibles, lanterns, benches, drums, and pastoral support for one year for a new church in Ghana.

Flood Bucket

Purchase supplies for a flood bucket through Disaster Response.

Flour for baking

Provide a month’s worth of flour for baking bread in a Roma village in Sighisoara, Romania.

Food for a child

Provide three meals a day for a child in Haiti for a month.

Food Parcel

Provide crucial food packages to the people living in Turkana, northern Kenya, for one month.

Fuel for Generator

Provide one month of fuel for the generator at the Source of Light Center in Haiti.

Haiti Child Sponsorship

Provide a one month full sponsorship for a child living in the Source of Light Center in Haiti. This includes…

Health and Medical Care

Provide medical attention and a hygiene kit for a family in Lebanon.


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Funds/items are delivered

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See Your Gift in the Field

Once you have completed the donation process and we receive the funds, all gifts will be combined and sent to the field in regular intervals. We remain in contact with our partners and receive regular reports on the activity and use of our gifts. Additionally, you are also invited to travel as part of a volunteer team to each of these areas and experience the work first-hand.

If you are interested, please contact Craig Waddell

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy gifts for more than one person in the same transaction?

Yes! Once you complete your donation, you can print as many cards or email an ecard to as many people as you'd like.

Are donations tax-deductible?

Yes! The Baptist General Association of Virginia is a registered 501(c)3. Check with your tax professional if you're unsure.

Will the items I purchase/donate be sent to the designated cause?

Yes! We will either send the items or the funds to the designated cause and marked for the purpose you selected.

Are there shipping charges?

No. We can route the money to the designated cause and then the items are purchased locally to avoid shipping charges.

Is my eCard/printable card available upon completing my donation?

If your donation is made by credit card, then your eCard and printable card will be immediately available for use/printing. If your donation is made by check or e-check, then you will be able to send an eCard or print your card once we receive your donation.