Impact Mission Camps


Impact Mission Camps

Spend a week this summer serving, and prepare your students to change the world.

At Impact Mission Camps your students will share Christ’s love with families by repairing their homes and helping ensure they’re safe, warm, and dry.

Impact is a youth-oriented construction-based mission camp primarily for students who have finished grades 6-12.

$325 per person – $300 per person if you register before January 1. Churches new to Impact receive up to four free spots for chaperones. 

Why Impact Mission Camps?

The Work

What teams experience at Impact helps homeowners by ensuring safer, dryer and warmer housing.

The Partnership

In each locality, Impact is hosted by local churches and associations of churches. Community leaders band together to ensure the mission carries forward long after our teams go home.

The Goal

Our goal is to see this one week experience as a spring board, preparing your students for what God might do through your group when you go back home.

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The Relationship

For all camps, students will receive personal devotions to complete before, during, and after camp. Church groups also receive Bible studies to complete before camp with additional devotions for follow-up.

Each night, we’ll provide devotions for your group that tie in to the pastor’s message from worship that night.


We want to make sure that students are constantly reflecting on how God is moving while they are at camp and aren’t just driving nails without thinking about why they do it.

Adult leaders are required to attend with each group, and we want to encourage their participation, too! This year, we’re offering FREE registrations for adult leaders from new church groups (1 per 6 youth, up to 4 free registrations). Crew chiefs (who lead the construction projects on individual sites) also attend free of charge.

The Schedule

Here’s what our typical schedule looks like each day:

6:00AMRise and Shine and Breakfast
7:30AMMorning Celebration
8:00AM-4:00PMWork on Job Site - (lunch around 12:00PM)
4:00PM-6:00PMFree Time/Shower Time
9:00PM-11:00PMFree Time/Fun Activities with Staff

Summer Staff

If you have completed your first year of college (or are at least one year past high school graduation) and are looking for a summer job that lets you have a big impact while also exploring ways God can use you to build His Kingdom, consider joining our Impact summer staff.