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Hurricane Ian

Cape Coral, Florida Response Impact Disaster Response (VBDR) is seeking volunteers for assessment, cleanup, and crisis care in Florida after Hurricane Ian. We will be serving with Cape Coral Church - new partners in Fort Myers who are part of the Fresh Expressions Network. We are providing support, training, and volunteers to help them serve their community as they seek to restore the homes of people in the communities they serve. You can sign up to serve here or contact...
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Vision statement

We mobilize volunteers to provide high-quality services to meet human needs after a disaster.

When a disaster strikes a community, we all want to do something. But during a disaster, how you help is as important as being willing to help. With our training, partnerships, and experience behind you, you and your church can help people facing all the challenges brought by a storm.

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Disaster Response in Florida

Impact Disaster Response has been blessed in the last few months to support a long-term response to communities affected by...
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