Disaster Response Volunteer Packet

Response Fast Facts

You have responded to the callout. Now what? This Fast Facts Sheet will help refresh you on training so you’ll be ready to hit the ground running.

Callout Protocol

Remember, every response is local. We are responding at the invitation of local leaders, and we need to respect their community and their leadership.


Leadership Structure

This is not a democracy. The White Hat/Incident Commander is in charge.

  • White Hat: site leader
  • Blue Hat: team leader
  • Yellow Hat: team members

Safety Reminders

Safe operations are of utmost importance. Whether serving properly prepared food, or staying safe on a chainsaw job with the proper equipment, we want to be safe.

Sharing Your Faith

Sharing your faith through the service you are providing is exactly what Jesus would do and have you do. Our actions may not always be enough of a witness alone, so feel free to share your faith in a sensitive way:

  1. Listen first. Hear their story and let them tell it. They need someone to hear it.
  2. Be careful with your words. Remember you do not understand what they are going through, even if you had a similar experience.
  3. Encourage them to sit down with a member of our Crisis Care Team.

Do not pressure them to respond to your faith. Hear their faith story if they are willing to share. If they want to learn more about your story and your faith journey, they will ask, and the door will be open for a conversation.

Telling Your Story

Encourage your friends, family, and church to pray and give as you go and to follow along online:

  • ImpactMissionsMovement.org
  • facebook.com/VB.Disaster
  • instagram.com/BGAVDR

Financial contributions are the best way to make a difference in the field. These donations strengthen our ability to respond when our teams are working.

Packing Guide

Here is a guide to follow for packing (some items may not apply to you)


We will likely be housed in close quarters. Please pack accordingly:

  • twin-sized air mattress or cot
  • bed linens and towels
  • face mask

Creating Memories

You will undoubtedly have challenging, hard experiences while in the field. Remember to take notes of momentous occasions, jot down the names, the details, and the stories you encounter. When you return home, you will be able to continue reflecting on these experiences and allow others to join you in the reflection.

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