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Donate - Austria Baptist Refugee Ministry

The Donauhof is the ministry center of our partner church in Vienna, projekt:gemeinde, and is critical for refugee integration. It needs renovation in three critical areas in order to become completely self-sustaining: the café kitchen for communal meals, vocational training for refugees, and an income stream as a cafe (Goal: $30,000); a second emergency exit in the conference hall to allow higher occupancy for event rental as an income stream (Goal: $25,000); and the cellar rooms for refugee Bible studies and language classes (Goal: $20,000)

Sharing life together

“Every person who comes through the door is a gift from God.” It’s a motto that the international group of believers in one church take to heart in Vienna, Austria. projekt:gemeinde is a young Baptist church in the middle of Vienna, Austria. Their journey to discover the relevance of faith and church in the 21st century has lead them to connect their lives with the refugees in the community.

Projekt:gemeinde is a member of the Austrian Baptist Union which supports the work of Austrian Baptist Aid(ABA). Throughout Austria, ABA is involved in refugee integration work, with much of the work centered in Vienna at projekt:gemeinde.

Through language courses, weekly Bible studies, and legal aid, the ABA’s refugee integration work seeks to address the realities of refugees while also integrating them into the community. In Austria they believe the refugee crisis is actually a refugee opportunity; an opportunity to share life and Christ with others.



  • Pray for positive asylum statuses for asylum seekers.
  • Pray the Austrian government would adopt policies in favor of refugees.
  • Pray for the Donauhof, a unique building project of projekt:gemeinde that will benefit refugees.
  • Pray especially for good relationships with our neighbors.


  • Support Cesar Sotomayor the pastor projekt:gemeinde’s Farsi speaking congregation.
  • Give towards support weekly fellowship meals, transportation tickets for refugees, and legal fees.
  • Give towards the Donauhof. The space will provide adequate space for Farsi language church services as well as a cafe for refugee job training.


  • Visit Vienna and learn about the lives of refugees in Europe.
  • Serve as a Venturer for a year aiding in refugee integration work.
  • Visit other refugee projects around Austria, including Graz, Linz, and Salzburg