Disaster Response Flood Buckets

Flood Buckets

Fill a flood bucket and drop it off at a collection site to help a homeowner clean up their home.


This list of supplies will help homeowners who would like to clean up their own home. Using the supplies in the bucket, homeowners will be able to clean up after flooding.

Please visit your local home improvement store to pick up the corresponding items! Then drop them off at one of our collection sites near you.

Here are a few important notes:

  • Have extra supplies? Please don’t pack partial buckets. Sort the items and carry them to the collection site, and we’ll complete the buckets. Sorted items are much easier to organize than partial buckets!
  • We have supplied Home Depot product numbers, but you can get supplies from any home improvement store!
  • If you cannot find the exact item, a similar replacement is sufficient.
  • Your local home improvement store may not know about this collection, so invite them to participate! Some stores have added their own buckets, some managers have been able to work out discounts for supplies. See how your local store can help!

Collection Locations

Collect flood buckets and drop them off at one of our collection sites when requested.
Completed buckets and sorted extra supplies will be collected at each site. Please do not fill partial buckets!

Buckets will only be accepted if they contain the items on this list, or a similar substitution. If your local store does not have a particular item, please find an alternative. Please do not add additional items to the bucket.