World Hunger Sunday – October 9

Hunger is an atrocity that seems to have been with us since the beginning of time. Recent statistics tell us that over 820 million people go to bed hungry each day. This translates to nearly 10% of the population which is an increase over 2019 figures. Not surprisingly, Covid-19 has been responsible for some of this and the war in Ukraine has disrupted their food supply chain which is mainly shipped to Africa and other areas of the world that suffer higher percentages of food insecurity.

This year, Virginia Baptists provided nearly $200,000 in financial assistance to churches, organizations, and other mission partners here in the Commonwealth and across the globe. Thousands of people have had their daily needs met, at least temporarily. We must continue to create and support long term community development projects that’s provide sustainable answers to this ongoing crisis. Our world produces more food than is needed each and every day, but the distribution of that food is unbalanced. We waste thousands of tons of food each day while others go hungry. Please continue to pray and support any work you can find that is changing the face of hunger.

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