Venturer News! – New Venturers Dan and Sarah Kingsley

Pray for Dan and Sarah Kingsley, from Central Virginia. They will begin their Venturer missionary service September 1st, 2024. Through the BGAV they will work as long-term volunteers in All4Aid, an international ministry among refugees that is based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Dan and Sarah have responded to God’s call for service throughout their adult lives but in different ways. Having recently married, they are now responding side by side to serve displaced people worldwide by supporting All4Aid as Venturers through Impact Missions. Dan, originally a carpenter, became a medically oriented Optometrist. Dan was self-employed and had his practice for twenty-five years. He invested significant time helping raise foster children and has four adopted and two biological children. During most of his adult life, raising children was Dan’s way of serving. Sarah earned a Master of Social Work degree but spent most of her career in technology and information security. She has traveled extensively in her global role and personal travel and has lived and volunteered in several countries.
Dan’s business experience, Sarah’s expertise in corporate operations, and her extensive international travels will help them in their mission to serve displaced persons. With ALL4AID’s Director, Rodrigo Assis da Silva, Dan will help manage ALL4AID’s global strategy and finance, while Sarah will oversee the operations and policies of each of ALL4AID’s facilities.

Please watch out for future news about Dan and Sarah’s ministry in Germany. If you would like to support their work, you may do so here Select Venturers – Germany (Kingsley) from the dropdown menu. Please remember them and those they serve in prayer.