Returning Better Together

Posted: 8/4/20 at 10:30am. Article by Alexis Epperly.

You know those times in your life that can only be explained by saying it was a “God thing.” It baffles me that the theme “Better Together” was chosen last summer but it is so fitting for what is going on today in the world. This had to be a “God thing.”

Looking back to early January, the news would talk about this virus however, it seemed like a distant disease that would soon fizzle out of the news. This was far from the truth; in a few short months, the virus started to become real when I was bombarded with information about the virus in the US during my spring break trip. Like many of you, my world turned upside down in a matter of a few days. I wasn’t going back to school and lingering in the back of my mind I was questioning if Impact would still happen. A few weeks after arriving home, I talked to someone who was going to be a construction coordinator for the 2020 summer. He said that there was no way that Impact would be able to do camp this summer because projects hadn’t been solidified and materials ordered. Hearing this I was devastated! Last year I was nervously awaiting camp and somewhat dreading having to come out of my comfort zone however, this year the anticipation of another remarkable summer was eating me alive. I wanted everyone to stay safe yet, selfishly, I was refusing to believe that Impact would cancel all because I wanted camp and was eager for what God had in store for the summer.  

Still in denial, I waited for the official word about camp. Thankfully, it wasn’t too long until I received news that camp would be virtual for the summer. I was instantly relieved that camp was not canceled but hesitant about what “virtual camp” would look like and this would work.  Don’t get me wrong; it was devastating not being able to have normal, face to face, interactions with campers. Nevertheless, we were able to come up with ways where we could interact and connect with campers’ hours or even time zones away. There was a ton of uncertainty of how camp would work since this was unlike anything Impact had done before, yet God provided us with an opportunity to join together in a safe way and still dive deeper into his word.

Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” God equipped this summer’s Impact staff with all of the talents and abilities we needed to construct this virtual camp. Without each staff member’s unique talents, I don’t believe we would have been able to produce such a great way to serve and worship alongside campers. It was inspiring seeing how campers were not letting the virus stop them from sharing Christ with others but how they were staying safe while doing so. There is no doubt in my mind that God called each one of us to be on staff this summer and that he was using us to complete his purpose of sharing Jesus safely to those around us.  

Even though this summer was nothing like I expected. It was incredible to see how we could come together as the body of Christ even while we had to keep our distance. With this year being full of many disappointments and cancelations it was amazing to see how nothing could stop the word of God from being shared this summer.