My First Impact (during a pandemic)

Posted: 8/4/20 at 12:00pm. Article by Samantha Richard.

When I first heard of Impact, I knew that this experience was going to help me grow in my faith which was my ultimate goal for this year. I had never been to an Impact camp before, much less even heard of it until last October when I was on a retreat for my campus ministry. When I was first accepted for the job, I became overjoyed at the fact that I was going to meet so many great people throughout this experience since we were going to be traveling all over Virginia to the different camps. I got hit hard with the news that camp was going to be virtual this year due to the ongoing concern of COVID-19; I was really looking forward to hearing other students’ experiences through Christ and how Impact has helped them grow in their faith. Even though this virus changed my summer plans completely, I am incredibly grateful for this virtual experience I had with Impact.

All of the staff members bonded quickly, which made for an awesome summer. From recording worship to competing against each other in challenges, I enjoyed every minute of it. This summer was a great time for me to reflect on what my goals in faith were and how I wanted to grow more in Christ, and I think I did just that. With the support of my fellow staff members, I was able to share an important piece of my walk with Christ, something I had never felt comfortable sharing before. Having the experience of living with my coworkers made for an eventful, yet amazing summer because so many memories were made with this wonderful group of people. 

Although I did not get the chance to experience all that Impact has to offer, I do feel that I was blessed to receive so much faith and life experience throughout this summer. Impact was my silver lining in a time when the world erupted in chaos and I will forever be grateful to have experienced something as amazing as this. I learned how to be a better person but most importantly, a better follower of Christ. I hope to take what I have learned this summer and apply it to my Christian leadership role I have on campus as well as, throughout the rest of my life. Impact definitely holds a special place in my heart, and I cannot wait to see where the rest of my journey with Impact goes.