Impact Missions Learning Network

First Baptist Church of Ashland is preparing to immerse themselves in the work of Italian Baptists as they work with refugees and migrants who have come to Italy. Even before the team gets on the plane for the Mission Immersion Experience to Italy in May, they are taking part in a Impact Mission Learning Network aimed at deepening the experience for the team. Starting in February they will connect with Italian Baptist pastoral leaders who have worked among refugees and migrants and deepen their learning through an online training program called “Refugee Worker Training” from All Nations College in the UK. The team will engage with pre-recorded video content with an expert in the field of refugee work and staff care, external reading materials from a variety of expert sources, and discussion and reflection questions. The course is designed for new to moderately experienced practitioners to deepen their learning and reflection on the realities of displaced peoples and learn essential tools for self-care for sustainable ministry work. This all will lead up to a ten-day trip to Italy to visit with and work alongside Baptists and other Protestant groups who are reaching out to refugees and migrants in dynamic and challenging contexts.