Making An Impact In Haiti

After the devastating earthquake in 2010, as an executive minister of the Haiti Baptist Convention, Ronel Mesidor wrote a 3-step intervention plan that consisted of short, middle and long-term objectives. Part of the long-term objective was to build a community center that would serve as a home for children orphaned by the earthquake. The center would feed, educate and share the gospel with the children with the intention to prepare a new generation for the transformation of the community. The fruits of Ronel’s labor led to the construction of Source of Light where he has served as the center’s director for the past 9 years.

Ronel and his wife, Manise Monestime, are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this year.  They have 6 kids, 5 together and 1 adopted, and reside in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Discipleship plays a large role in Ronel’s ministry, both with his own children and those at Source of Light. Whenever anything needs to be repaired or there is technical work to be done, Ronel brings the older kids with him to teach them new trades. That time spent with the children is his favorite part of the job.

In addition to Ronel’s work with the center, he oversees all Haiti Baptist Convention churches in Western Port-au-Prince, serves as pastor of Concord Baptist Church, teaches at University Lumière and occasionally works as a consultant for the Haitian Government and NGOs.

Though Ronel carries many influential responsibilities, the crux of his calling lies in his passion to invest in people:

“Investing in people is the better investment, it’s the long term investment. By sending support to help Source of Light, you prepare a new generation for Haiti and with that we can hope for a lot of changes and transformations in Haiti, for the glory of the Lord.  It’s the better way to forward the kingdom. We are so grateful for that.”