Louisiana Flood Response – Update


Post updated: 9/29/16 at 3:50pm

To date, 29 Virginia Baptist Disaster Response volunteers have served more than 1,133 hours to assist Louisiana flood victims continue the cleanup and rebuilding process.

Virginia Baptists have been faithful and generous in their financial giving to support relief efforts.

Opportunities to serve now focus on the long-term rebuilding efforts, and volunteers will be encouraged to work alongside one of our Virginia Baptist partners already at work in Louisiana.

Update from 8/24/16 at 9:45am

As flood waters continue to subside across Louisiana, residents are returning home to assess the damages and begin to make plans for cleaning up. Local Baptist leaders last week highlighted the widespread needs across the I-10/I-12 corridor from Texas to Alabama.

A BGAV team arrived in Baton Rouge on Sunday to begin cleanup efforts. Additional teams are currently being assembled.

When teams enter a home, they must remove every wet item which cannot be cleaned, including wall board, insulation, flooring, furniture, clothing, and personal effects. The emotional burden on the homeowner is significant, as neighbor by neighbor piles debris out by the road for disposal.

Teams then follow a cleaning regimen which includes industrial strength mold inhibitors, power washing, scrubbing, and shoveling out additional debris.

Called the largest US disaster since Superstorm Sandy in 2012, flooding damaged more than 110,000 homes, businesses and churches throughout Louisiana. Consider these three ways to help after a storm.

You and your church can contribute to Louisiana flood relief through the BGAV. Donations will be used to assist our Baptist partners and volunteers on the ground with the cleanup and rebuilding efforts.

Original post: 8/19/16 at 9:00am

As flood relief efforts continue in West Virginia, much of Louisiana has been inundated with significant flooding over the past few days. Many homes, churches, and businesses have been affected, leaving residents without a roof over their heads, a place to worship, or a way to make a living.

We have been monitoring the flood and communicating with Louisiana Baptists, the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief network, and the North American Baptist Fellowship disaster network to assess needs and determine their capacity for volunteers and financial support.

Flood recovery volunteers are currently requested through to work alongside Louisiana Baptists across the state. Housing, showers, food, etc. will be provided at a site which will be determined after your team is assembled. After filling out the volunteer interest form, we will follow up as we are able to fill teams.

Teams should plan to take the necessary tools and equipment to perform cleanup type activity. Volunteers are NOT required to be flood relief trained through VBDR but are required to travel with a trained volunteer or team leader.

Remember, financial contributions are the best way to support the effort from afar. At this time, there are no known collections of items. Read more about why prayer, trained volunteers, and financial contributions are the best ways to support a disaster response effort.

Thanks for your faithful generosity and support of Virginia Baptist Disaster Response and the BGAV.