Israel/Gaza Conflict – How You Can Help

Not even a week after the initial attack, there already have been well over 2,000 deaths from the brutal conflict in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.


To quote our friends in the area, “The situation in the southern part of Israel has been devastating; it brought us a deep feeling of sorrow, anger, confusion, and concern for the future … Thank you for many friends who sent notes asking about our safety and for encouragement.”


Let us pray for the families of those who have lost their lives and for those who are held captive and continue to be in harm’s way. We have partner churches, our brothers and sisters, in the region; let us pray for and support them as they cope with the emergency and strive to be Christ’s witnesses of hope in the face of grave danger.


– Pray that the immediate crisis will end and that it would cause everyone to desire lasting peace in the region.

– Pray that leaders will work toward a constructive solution rather than use the situation solely for their own political aims.

– Pray for the safety and for the release of captives.

– Pray that supplies will get to those without food, power, and medicine.

– Pray for protection for our Christian brothers and sisters as they demonstrate the love of Christ, even to their enemies.

– Pray that we would be generous in giving toward the relief of suffering in war-torn areas around the world.

– Pray that we would have the mind of Christ and work for peace in our own country.


Give to support our response to those affected by the conflict (Active Disaster Response: Israel/Gaza Conflict).


Craig Waddell is BGAV’s Partnership Coordinator, serving on the Impact Missions team.