International Missions Partnerships

More Than Nets


More Than Nets is a comprehensive project that began as a strategic project to provide mosquito nets in Ghana. 

It has since expanded to include education, wells, economic development, and community development.  Church planting has been a part of the plan from the beginning and now it has become one of the major emphases as we continue to move forward in the relationship.


In 2013, Virginia Baptists entered into a multi-year agreement with the Ghana Baptist Convention to reduce malaria in Yendi, Ghana and to plant churches in the surrounding area. The hope was to significantly reduce the cases of malaria through:

Distribution of 100,000 chemically treated mosquito nets within the Yendi municipality.  The population of Yendi is approximately 180,602 living in 454 communities or villages.

Provision of vital education into the proper use of the mosquito net

Provision of additional education tools on health, awareness and prevention of malaria

Plant churches in each of the 454 communities in Yendi.

In February of 2020 a team of volunteers traveled to Yendi and distributed to 100,000th net.  While it took us a little longer than anticipated, we were able to complete the project under budget and with the following results:

100,000 chemically treated mosquito nets purchased and distributed

All 454 villages completely netted

Estimated that over 240,000 lives will be protected

43% reduction of malaria incidents in these villages

Over 450 new congregations established

25,000 people have come to know Christ


What Now?

Since 2020 we have entered into a continuing relationship in Yendi, Ghana that will spread all across western Africa.  Through their invitation we will continue to raise funds for the purchase and distribution of more chemically treated mosquito nets and support their church planting efforts.  The indigenous church planters through the ministry of the Global Missions Resource Center and its founder Emmanuel Mustapha have set a goal of planting 2000 churches by 2029.


How Can I Help?

There are at least three ways that you and your congregation can become involved:

Raise funds to buy nets

Each nets costs $10 and is used as follows:

$6 = 1 mosquito net

$2 = Education

$1 = Transportation

$1 = Church Planting


For the latest information on the malaria crisis from the World Health Organization click here


Support and indigenous church planter

Each church planter has annual goals for how many churches they will plant and most of them intend to plant 7-10 churches each year.  We provide a small supplement to their income which allows them the time and resources to fulfill their calling.  For $35 per month you can sponsor a church planter which will allow them to reach their goals and share the love of Christ.


Support a variety of other community development projects

Through the Global Mission Resource Center we also dig wells, provide educational opportunities for children, lead job training classes, and support a variety of other projects.  Each of these projects are specific to the needs of the villages and the areas in which they intend to plant churches.


Travel with us to Ghana

You are invited to put together a mission team or join one that is already planning to go.  Each trip can be designed to specifically work in the area of your choice based on the skills your team brings to the table and the needs of the church planters on the field.

You can contact us for more specific information about any of these opportunities.