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Help the BGAV support refugee assistance throughout the US! One way we do this is by providing training events for churches and individuals who want to learn how to take the next steps.

Serving refugees at home

At home there are also organisations and individuals who are sharing life with the vulnerable people in their communities. For example ReEstablish Richmond (ReR) is a non-profit that helps “refugees establish roots, build community, and become self-sufficient”.

Supporting this kind of work is an effective way for a church to make a Kingdom difference in its community. It has been an effective way to make a Kingdom difference where they live.



  • For our policy makers who decide how many refugees will be admitted into the United States and how they will be processed.
  • Against war and conflict around the world that cause people to flee their home in the first place.
  • For local agencies (ReR, Commonwealth Catholic Charities, Church World SErvices, and International Rescue Committee) who provide intensive case management and ongoing support for our new neighbors when they first arrive in Richmond (or their new community)


  • $20 = 1 hour of language interpretation
  • $50 =  2 hour intake so that our outreach coordinator can learn about a family’s needs and network of support
  • $100 = 3 hour volunteer orientation and training so that church members can be prepared to work directly with refugee families
  • $200 =  5 hours of behind-the-wheel driving instruction for a refugee who has never driving before
  • $500 = 12 hours of classroom instruction in refugee’s native language so they can learn driving laws and safety


  • Educate yourself about the realities of refugee experiences and barriers to resettlement as well as challenges they face (Contact Kate Ayers to learn more about the Refugee Voices and Ambassadors Program)
  • Advocate on behalf of refugees at the policy level. Be a voice for those who don’t have one. More:
  • Connect to an organization already doing the work – how can you add strategic support to organizations that are already serving this community? More: