Impact Virginia Comes to Tazewell to Help Those in Need

originally posted 6/18/2015

POCAHONTAS, VA (WVVA) “It’s such a great opportunity. I love it, it’s one of my favorite things to do.

For Impact Virginia staffer Mikayla Clarke, volunteering and getting kids from all over Virginia to come along is the highlight of her summer.

“I feel like it just really opens up the kids eyes to what they have and what other people don’t have,” says Clarke. “It really just bonds them with Christ a little bit more and it’s just great to see that bond and them just actually enjoying that work. It doesn’t seem like work when you’re out here.”

Others who are working with Impact Virginia this year couldn’t agree more.

“Kind of just like an indescribable feeling,” says camper Hannah Royal. “You just feel so great for what you have just done, just there is no other feeling.”

The crews have been out here working in the hot summer sun all week long. And even though it’s hot the campers agree that the results are definitely worth it.

“It’s satisfying,” says camper Nathan Simpson. “You’re still of course tired but you can rest assured that the people have been helped.”

The crews traveled from all over Virginia to help those in the Tazewell County area. One of the homes the crews are working on belongs to cancer patient Viola Dudley. While she is getting treatment in North Carolina the crews have fixed her staircase and put a new roof on her house. Her nephew, Larry Dudley says it means the world.

“I think it’s very good,” says Dudley. “Like I said it’s a blessing but for them to do that on their time when they could be enjoying the summer. They’ve been in school for 3-4 months but then still they took the time out to come and what makes it so good is to fix somebody’s house they don’t even know and never met. But they’re doing it like it’s their house.”