Impact Disaster Response “2023 Unsung Hero”

Written by Glenn Maddox. Posted 6/15/2023

Tuesday, May 9, 2023. Photo Credit : Earl Neikirk/Neikirk Image

When a storm brought historic flooding to Buchanan County, Virginia on July 12 last summer, a community that had nearly finished rebuilding from the previous storm had to start all over again. But this time was different – the story was national news, and all the “big players” were there. The response looked completely different to most people, but to a few churches in the area and volunteers around the state, it meant a continuation of what they’d been doing for months. 

Grundy Baptist opened their doors to volunteers again, volunteers from churches around the state mobilized, and feeding and cleanup operations were up and running as soon as the waters receded. Instead of the three months it took to start rebuilding after the 2021 storm, rebuild began within three weeks. Grundy Baptist continued housing and feeding volunteers, and churches like Rosedale Baptist served as the backbone of the local response when statewide volunteers continued to support rebuilding in Buchanan county and recovery in Florida. 

On May 9, Impact Disaster response was honored to be named a “2023 Unsung Hero” by the United Way of Southwest Virginia. This award was a recognition of all the volunteers, donors, and prayer partners who enabled a long-term response to two devastating storms in Buchanan County. As we share this news with you, we especially want to acknowledge Grundy Baptist, who hosted teams for nearly 18 months, Rosedale Baptist Church, who have been the local backbone of the response, and Butch Meredith, our construction coordinator who has invested countless hours in the community ensuring people could return to their homes. As another hurricane season has just begun, Impact Disaster Response and the churches and volunteers who have served faithfully in so many responses are preparing to serve communities in need. We want to invite you to be part of whatever response we are part of in the coming months. Together, we will work to ensure that people sense God’s love during the most challenging time of their lives.  

Tuesday, May 9, 2023. Photo Credit : Earl Neikirk/Neikirk Image