Engage in Missions | Southwest Virginia Partnership

“Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new. It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it?” (Isaiah 43:19, The Message)

Throughout history God has been doing new things in every generation and people group around the globe. Think for a moment about the tremendous change that occurred in the Kingdom of God on the Day of Pentecost. In a moment the Holy Spirit came to dwell in every member of God’s family. In the past, the Spirit would come upon people and leave after completing his mission. Now the third person of the Godhead was living within believers. God was doing something new; yet, it wasn’t a concept or experience that everyone readily embraced.

In the past three years we’ve been forced to adapt in every area of our lives because of the global pandemic. Physically speaking, our lives changed overnight because of the social distancing requirements we had never before experienced. Online shopping boomed as did distance learning and the many meetings we were accustomed to attending in person morphed to virtual meetings. We also adapted spiritually as churches were literally forced to make hard decisions overnight: shut our doors for an indefinite period of time, enter the cyber-world through online streaming, or come up with new, creative ways in which we could connect with our people. At this point we can look backward and say, even though it wasn’t something we hoped or prepared for, we did adapt quickly, through God’s guidance. God was doing something new as he opened our eyes to endless opportunities that were bursting out!

But what about missions opportunities and involvement? If I’ve learned anything in a lifetime of ministry it’s this: When God does something new in our lives, in our churches, or in his world the old things, and ways, we were once addicted to disappear quickly. Why? Because they have lived out their time. A new day has dawned in missions outreach and involvement and it’s orchestrated by the hand of God himself – it’s time to move forward! It’s time to join him where he is working!

But where is God working and how can I recognize him? Let me introduce you to a statewide opportunity to engage in missions outreach that we know as the “Southwest Virginia Partnership” where God is alive, well, and actively at work in touching many people with his love. If you, or your church, are looking for missions opportunities for any and every age group this is one of many offered through the BGAV. Yes, it’s an opportunity where God is doing something brand-new and it’s bursting out.

If you’re interested let me encourage you to check out our website at: swvpartnership.org or you can give Tony & Jan Johnson (our missionaries) a call at 276-479-3333. You can also send them an email at: swvp10@gmail.com

May God richly bless you and your church as you consider this great opportunity for outreach.

Steve J. Collins

Executive Director, Southwest Virginia Partnership