Disaster Response Rebuild Completed in Buchanan

Since August 31, 2021, Impact Disaster Response has been partnering with emergency management and local agencies and churches in Buchanan County, Virginia on flood recovery from two separate storms. In the next few weeks, with the help of local volunteers, that ongoing response will stand down, with 55 families restored to their homes.

When the remnants of Hurricane Ida swept over Buchanan County, the town of Hurley was devastated by flash flooding, which left local emergency management desperate for help. Impact Disaster Response, a ministry of the BGAV, came alongside local volunteers and other partnering agencies and provided meals, cleanup, and within three months were rebuilding homes. On the day that the last volunteer drove the last nail to wrap up that response, another storm swept through and flooded another community. Because of the relationships local churches and BGAV had with emergency management, we were able to provide meals, help coordinate cleanup, and begin rebuilding. But instead of it taking three months for rebuild to start, the first rebuild happened within 3 weeks.

The ongoing response has seen people restored to homes, seen an individual donate a mobile home for their neighbor, and seen local volunteers go far beyond what any of us could have expected to see communities made whole again. We are grateful for the privilege of serving alongside such dedicated local churches – Grundy Baptist, which has hosted teams for both responses, Rosedale Baptist and First Baptist, Nickelsville, which have spent countless hours cleaning and repairing homes, and the dozens of volunteers who have served in the past 18 months to work toward recovery in the communities that were flooded. We know storms will continue to come, and we’re grateful to know so many people are ready to answer the call to serve when they do.