Disaster Response Callout – Flooding in Trinity, Texas

Two weeks ago, storms in Texas caused flooding in several communities around Houston. We asked volunteers to standby for a possible response in partnership with other states from our region. North Carolina Baptists are setting up a site in Trinity, Texas for flood recovery. We are requesting volunteers trained in flood recovery or crisis care to respond. You can register your availability at https://baptistsonmission.org/Mission-Projects/By-Mission-Type/Disaster-Relief/Trinity-Texas-Flooding/Get-Involved

North Carolina Baptists on Mission will contact you with information related to the response and an arrival date. As most teams will want to travel over two days, Impact Disaster Response will arrange housing for teams as they travel. Please contact Travis Tyler – Travis.Tyler@bgav.org with your travel dates, and we will arrange that housing for you. The response is expected to last through June.

If you have questions, please contact Glenn Maddox at Glenn.Maddox@bgav.org.