“It’s a Huge Blessing”

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – Relief efforts are now underway for people impacted by Hurricane Matthew.

Volunteers from around the country are working to help pick up the pieces for people in Horry County.

Impact Ministries is helping coordinate many different groups who came to the area, offering free assistance for homeowners.

Mary Horn evacuated her home on Tweety Avenue before the storm hit Conway and feels blessed that she did.

“Hurricane Matthew landed a big ole pine tree on our house,” said Horn.

The tree tore through the roof in two rooms, leaving gaping holes and plenty of debris.

“To come home to this is just devastating,” said Horn.

Horn arrived home on Monday and with the help of volunteers she was able to begin the cleanup on Tuesday.

“We’re just thanking God for all the help from the baptist men who came in from Virginia,” said Horn.

“They need it, there’s such a need in a catastrophe like this for work to be done,” said Larry Culberston, one of the volunteers who arrived with the Virginia Baptist Disaster Response team.

The group donated their time and equipment to work on Horn’s home. It was the first of many they’ll be working on in Horry County.

“We take it pretty serious, we work most of the day, as long as there’s daylight hours to work,” said Culberston. Seeing the response was overwhelming for Horn.

“We had probably about a dozen men here with a bobcat, tarping all the holes on our roof, and the chainsaws. It’s a huge blessing, a huge blessing,” said Horn.

But for Culberston, helping others in need is a calling he can’t ignore.

“I feel a burden even more than a calling, I just have a burden where it’s impossible for me not to come out,” said Culberston.

Story from WBTW